Drum (taitai or pahu)
   Neg No: F.004410/07,08 © Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Drum (taitai or pahu)

Description: A finely carved and ornamented drum consisting of a cylindrical wooden body with a shark skin top. The body has slightly concave sides carved with shallow horizontal grooves and is widest at the base. There are eight evenly spaced rectangular openings near the base. A wooden hoop encircles the body at the top of these openings and is lashed to the body through sets of four perforations between the rectangular openings. The hoop is lashed with fine sennit and there are remains of tufts of hair inserted in the lashing. Finely-plaited sennit cords bind the skin in place at the top of the drum and extend as sets of tension cords down to the hoop. A double sennit plait is wrapped in a spiral of about eight coils around the centre of the drum, over the tension cords. A sennit loop is attached to the top, ornamented with human hair and a finely carved bone toggle in human form.

Creator: Unknown

Date of work: 1800 s ?

Country: Marquesas

Materials: Wood, shark skin, sennit, bone, human hair

References: The Oldman Collection of Polynesian Artifacts catalogue, plate 106, p. 60. See also Linton (1923) The material culture of the Marquesas Islands, pp. 403-404 and pl.72A (Bishop Museum Memoir 8, part 5).

Credit Details: Oldman Collection, purchased 1948

Registration Number: OL000197

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